The Lady's Back (CD)

The Lady's Back (CD)
DVD & CD recorded live on April 6, 2014 at Lampegiet Theater Holland by The Van Mobile, Paul Schuurman (video) and Jan Schuurman (audio).
  1. De Melkboer / The Milkman 2:29
  2. De Kunst Van Het Drinken / The Art Of Drinking 3:24
  3. Oost West Express / East West Express 4:00
  4. Aoife 4:12
  5. Sofia 4:22
  6. De Klopjacht / The Hunt 4:36
  7. Houten Bruiloft / Wooden Wedding 3:40
  8. De Eerste Dag Na Je Vertrek / The Day You Left 6:38
  9. Andante poco a poco presto ma non troppo 5:52
  10. Nieuew Nederlandse Dansmuziek / New Dutch Dance Music 3:36
  11. Thin Air 2:27
  12. De Vlinder / The Butterfly 4:40
  13. Variaties Op Een Dame / Variations On A Lady 7:30

During the '70's and '80's the musicians of Flairck traveled the world with their inimitable instrumental mix of folk, jazz and classical music. Now, thirty five years after the first performances, the group will release a recently recorded live album called The Lady's Back with the very best of the vast repertoire of 23 CD's and 250 tracks, including Variations on a Lady and East West Express, and also later work.