The Lady's Back

All during the nineteen-eighties violinist Sylvia Houtzager, flautist Peter Weekers and guitarist Erik Visser traveled the world with their inimitable instrumental music of the group Flairck.

Thirty five years later they have joined forces again to bring their old masterpieces to new audiences.

┬┤Variations on a Lady┬┤, the world wide release double platinum debut album from 1978 will again be performed with the energy and virtuosity that once characterized them: the Lady's Back!

A selection from their large timeless repertoire (250 compositions on 23 albums), as well as a number of new compositions showing the unabated drive of these highly original musicians, will be presented.

Flairck is currently working on their 24th album and a documentary "Flairck 35 years" to support their 2014-2015 concert tour of Chile, Japan and Holland.

With Sylvia Houtzager (violin and harp), Peter Weekers (flutes), Erik Visser (guitars) and Pablo Ortiz (bass and guitars).