EMI: LP 1273001 MC 1273004
  1. Circus (E.Visser) 23:00
  2. Aoife (E.Visser) 8:15
  3. Arabesk (G.Moustaki / Farid el Atrach / E.Visser) 10:56

This is a registration of a concert together with the Noord-Hollands Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by J. Stulen in the Music Centre "Vredenburg" in Utrecht. For this album already existing Flairck material was orchestrated by W. Witteman. Side A completely consists of the piece Circus and side B consists of Aoife and Arabesque. The latter is a revision of the piece Pecheur and Matin of the album Moustaki & Flairck, and provided with new Dutch lyrics from Erik Visser. It is sung by Ramses Shaffy.

Sylvia Houtzager - violin, harp
Erik Visser - 12-s guitar, resonance guitar and bouzouki
Annet Visser - traverso, piccolo, alto and bamboo flute
Dirk van Gorp - double bass
Ted de Jong - tabla's, sitar, marimba, vibaphone, percussion
Cornee van der Kleij - saxophone on "Circus"