Gevecht Met De Engel

Gevecht Met De Engel
Polydor: LP 2925097 MC 3167097 CD 831638-2 (side-B)
  1. Oost-west Express (East-West Express) (P. Weekers / arr. Flairck) 4:49 mp3
  2. De Vlinder (The Butterfly) (trad. / arr. Flairck) 7:25 mp3
  3. Voor Antoinette (For Antoinette) (E. Visser) 2:08 mp3
  4. De Stoomwals (Steam Engine Waltz) (P. Weekers) 7:13 mp3
  5. Gevecht Met De Engel Deel I (E. Visser) 8:25 mp3
  6. Gevecht Met De Engel Deel II (E. Visser) 8:35 mp3
  7. Gevecht Met De Engel Deel III (E. Visser) 5:28 mp3

Gevecht Met De Engel was released as the second album. East-west Express describes a train journey through an East European landscape. The Butterfly is an arrangement of an Irish melody. The rights for this piece were benefited to UNICEF. For Antoinette is a guitarsolo, written for Antoinette Hensey. Steam Engine Waltz: in this piece the technique of hiccupping is used to spread one melody over several voices. Some Phony Symphony: this is a threepart guitar concerto and entirely covers the B-side. The piece is dedicated to Anna Visser.