Kamers / Chambers

Kamers / Chambers
Produced by Ton Scherpenzeel & Erik Visser Engineered by Bob Schimscheimer Recorded at Studio 88, Hilversum, Holland, 1994 Koch, D & K: 86055-2
  1. De Slaapkamer (B. v/d Berg / E. Visser) 3:28 mp3
  2. De Kinderkamer (B. v/d Berg) 3:55 mp3
  3. Brandenburg Concerto III (J. S. Bach, arr. E. Visser) 2:45 mp3
  4. De Torenkamer (A. Visser) 4:39 mp3
  5. De Fluwelen Kamer (E. Visser) 7:26 mp3
  6. Het Tuinhuis (E. Visser) 4:16 mp3
  7. De Kapel (B. v/d Berg) 2:29 mp3
  8. Ik kan niet dansen (E. Visser) 4:29 mp3
  9. De Werkkamers (E. Visser, D. Wiersma) 6:20 mp3
  10. De Torenflat van Babel (E. Visser) 7:10 mp3
  11. De Stad (E. Visser) 6:10 mp3
  12. Het Park dl. 1 (E. Visser, B. v/d Berg) 4:47 mp3
  13. Het Park dl. 2 (E. Visser) 3:28 mp3

In 1994 some new young musicians joined Flairck. Cello replaced violin and the addition of accordeon, tuned percussion, flutes and double bass opened up new possibilities for this band of symphomaniacs. For the CD- and theater production Chambers the idea of a strange chamber orchestra using a great amount of wind, string and percussion instruments as well as voices was tackled to create new compositions of the symphonic kind, set in a construction of rooms that all of us visit or live in during our life-span. From the room we leave without entering till the room we enter without leaving.

Erik Visser - 6, 8 & 12 string guitars, vocals
Annet Visser - silver and bamboo-flutes, melodica, panpipes, percussion, vocals
Cora den Haring - cello, vocals
Ben van den Berg - accordeons, piano, harpsichord, typewriter, vocals
Thomas Dirks - double bass, acoustic and electric bass guitars, alto saxophone, vocals
Michel Grens - marimba, vibraphone, drums, timpani, percussion, vocals
with the help of:
Ton Scherpenzeel - synthesizers
Bob Schimscheimer - drums
and the boys-choir of the cathedral St. Bavo, Haarlem, conducted by Fons Ziekman