Alive (2 CD version)

Alive (2 CD version)
Masters: CD 8042-040 MC 8042-035 Gold (Galaxy Music): 2320022
    CD 1
    1. De Houten Bruiloft / The Wooden Wedding (Visser/Weekers) 5:27
    2. De Smid / The Blacksmith (Trad/Visser) 8:43
    3. Tango (Visser) 5:42
    4. De Tol / The Toll (Stolk) 5:52
    5. Thin Air (Weekers) 2:31  mp3
    6. Syldavishe Wals / Syldavian Waltz (Houtzager/Beunen) 5:27
    7. Amsterdamse Grachten / The Canals of Amsterdam (P.Shott/Arr. Visser) 2:27
    8. De Klopjacht / The Hunt (Weekers) 5:15  mp3
    9. Andante Poco A Poco Presto Ma Non Troppo (Visser) 5:26
    10. Nieuwe Nederlandse Dansmuziek / New Dutch Dance Music (Visser/Weekers) 4:26
    11. De Emigrant / The Emigrant (Trad/Visser) 9:57
    CD 2
    1. De Eerste Dag Na Je Vertrek / The Day You Left (Visser/Arr. Flairck) 25:47  mp3
    2. Oost West Express / East-West Express (Weekers) 5:35
    3. Aiofe (Visser) 7:40
    4. Sofia's Voorspel / Sofia (Visser/Weekers) 4:35
    5. Circus (Visser) 8:23
    6. Variaties Op Een Dame / Variations on a Lady (Visser) 11:15

    This double CD contains recordings of Flairck concerts in 1989 and 1990. From a diversity of concerts in Holland, Germany and Japan, best recordings were selected. It's a selection of compositions which members of Flairck wrote since the foundation in 1978, with an accent on the most recent work.

    Recorded in Holland, Germany and Japan 1989-1990.
    MIRA SOUND 24 tracks mobile unit, Budget Mobile 16 track mobile unit, SONY DAT recorder. Mixed in Holland, July 1990. Studio 88, Hilversum, The Netherlands. Produced by Erik Visser.

    Sylvia Houtzager: violin, sopranino-violin, cello-violin, Salvi concert harp, Hohner accordeon, amadinda, anklung, lyra, wooden shoes
    Peter Weekers: silverflute, bassflute, piccolo, panpipes, bass-panpipes, sampogna (South American panpipes), Uilleann pipes, bambooflute, tin whistle, amadinda, marimba, congas, steeldrum, pebbles, wooden shoes, suitcase-accordeon, milkbottles
    Erik Visser: double-neck guitar, resonance guitar, 6 s. guitar, tanburu, 12 s. guitar, 5 s. banjo, sitar, timpani, wooden shoes
    Stan Stolk: double bass, acoustic bass guitar, gong, snare, wooden shoes