Back Alive!

Support FLAIRCK on the release of their brand new album BACK ALIVE! this Autumn 2020 and get fantastic presents.

Strange times are hitting our lives. By the great forces of nature and destiny we all have been forced to lock ourselves down, to learn again to care about each other and to reflect about the world we have and the world that we should build from now on

It is no secret that Culture, Arts and obviously also Music, were already having a hard time to survive even before the start of the pandemic emergency. And now, more than ever, artists are in need of the support and solidarity of the public to be able to continue doing their work.

Flairck was in the middle of recording sessions for their new studio album when the pandemic emergency made everything come to a stop. However, stubborn and committed as we are, we have managed to reorganize our work in order to keep the release date of this album in 2020.

This is will be possible with your help and with the support of the great Flairck audiences around the globe. Please consider supporting our crowdfunding campaign as it is together how we shall overcome these dark times.

By supporting the production of this album before September 30th 2020 you will also get great presents as a thank you for donating to our campaign.

  • €15 Digital download of the album
  • €25 a CD copy
  • €35 Digital download + CD
  • €50 Digital download + CD (signed) + Merchandise gift
  • €100 Digital download + CD (signed) + Merchandise gift + 2 Tickets to a Flairck concert of choice

Thank you in advance for your support!

Together we can make sure that hope for a better world, Culture, Arts and Music will be BACK ALIVE!