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Moustaki & Flairck
CD: Uitgebracht in 1982

LP 239335
MC 3169335

Lyrics »

  1. Chansons (Moustaki) 3:35  beluisteren
  2. La route (Moustaki / E.Visser) 5:26  beluisteren
  3. Ma nouvelle aventure (Moustaki / H.Visser) 5:03  beluisteren
  4. Blessure (Moustaki / E.Visser) 7:06  beluisteren
  5. Les musiciens (Moustaki) 5:32  beluisteren
  6. L'amour en passant (Moustaki / H.Visser) 7:48  beluisteren
  7. Pecheur (Moustaki / Farid el Atrach / E.Visser) 5:01  beluisteren
  8. Matin (Moustaki / E.Visser) 4:39  beluisteren

On this album eight French songs, sung by George Moustaki, are interwoven with instrumental parts. For this reason these songs have an unususal construction. With the cooperation of Martha Contreras (vocals and percussion), the Amsterdam street-organ "De Arabier" and accordionist Joey Rossi.

Georges Moustaki - Vocals and accordeon
Martha Contreras - Vocals and percussion
Annet Visser - Flute, accordeon and vocals
Sylvia Houtzager - Violin, harp, flute and vocals
Ted de Jong - Tablas, marimba, vibraphone, vocals
Erik Visser - Guitars, flutes, vocals
Hans Visser - Bass, gitars, flutes, vocals