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LP: Uitgebracht in 1985
This is a registration of a concert together with the Noord-Hollands Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by J. Stulen in the Music Centre "Vredenburg" in Utrecht.
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LP: Uitgebracht in 1981
The fourth record has tempted us, after travelling around in the business for some years, to write a suite about the circus, because we were slowly changing into an (instrumental) circus ourselves.
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Gevecht Met De Engel (The Lady's Back)
LP: Uitgebracht in 1980
Gevecht Met De Engel was released as the second album. East-west Express describes a train journey through an East European landscape. The Butterfly is an arrangement of an Irish melody. The rights for this piece were benefited to UNICEF.
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Variations on a Lady (US release)
LP: Uitgebracht in 1978
The US release of Flairck's first album.
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